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Peach State Defense Solutions, LLC. now has a huge menu of USCCA classes.  The USCCA is the nationwide leader in firearms training and education, as well as emergency first aid and preparedness. We also have a number of non-USCCA training classes. Check out our online store for great products including emergency first aid supplies, gun safety products, gun cleaning products, pepper spray, educational materials, training aids, Peach State merch, and much more to come!


Our current classes include:

- Handgun Fundamentals

- Concealed Carry & Home Defense

- Women's Handgun & Self-Defense

- Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

- Legal Use of Force

 - Violent Encounters & Their Aftermath

- Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

 - Real Estate Agent Safety

- Firearms Cleaning & Maintenance

- Handgun Refresher Training

(Private Bookings Available)

** When you get to the USCCA upcoming classes page, some classes may have no dates listed. If that is the case, simply click the 'Request A Date' button (circled in red in the photo below) to submit a request for a class date of your choice!**

uscca class request a date option
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