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Handgun Fundamentals

This course is an entry level handgun class based on the USCCA's Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals curriculum. This is an interactive class that includes classroom and range time. Click the button below for further details and how to sign up

peach state defense solutions basic handgun fundamentals

Women's Intermediate Handgun & Self-Defense

This course expands on the building blocks outlined in Women’s Basic Handgun. Students who have taken the USCCA Basic class will receive a $35 discount! Click the button below to learn more and sign up

peach state defense solutions uscca womens intermediate handgun and self defense
peach state defense solutions uscca emergency first aid fundamentals class

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

If you’re ready to become your family’s first responder in an emergency situation, like a car accident, serious fall, gunshot wound, or other medical emergencies, this training cannot be missed. During this class, you’ll do more than simply sit in a classroom learning about these topics. We will work you through a dozen real-world scenarios using simulated patients and the actual products (or field expedients) that you’ll need to understand if you hope to save a life.


Lessons include:

  • Patient assessment

  • Traumatic emergencies

  • Medical emergencies

  • Building your own first-aid kit

In this introduction module, we introduce students to the basics of handgun safety, including how to safely clear (unload) a semi-automatic pistol. You will learn the basic fundamentals for safe and accurate shooting. Click the button below to learn more and sign up!

uscca women's handgun and self defense

Women's Handgun & Self-Defense

peach state defense solutions firearms cleaning and maintenance class

Firearms Cleaning & Maintenance

The Firearms Cleaning & Maintenance course is meant to get gun owners of all skill levels comfortable with disassembling, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling your firearm; as well as long-term maintenance. Click the button below to learn more and sign up!

peach state defense solutions uscca real estate agent safety class

Real Estate Agent Safety

Are you a real estate agent? A Broker? Do you flip or remodel property? Ever feel unsafe? This seminar covers the mindset and methods necessary to increase your situational awareness when it comes to specific threats that those in the real estate industry face. This 90+ minute seminar will touch on the multiple ways that one can not only defend themselves if a dangerous situation does arise, but how to prevent these situations from making it to that point. Group discounts for this seminar are available. This class can be held at our location or at a broker or agent's office space. 

peach state defense solutions uscca developing a home protections plan

Developing a personal & home protection plan is a key component of not only preparing for how we should (or might) react if confronted by a violent crime, but also how we might avoid violent crime in the first place. Within this lesson, we discuss how developing a protection plan is about much more than becoming proficient with a firearm or writing up a home invasion plan. It’s a plan that must encompass awareness, avoidance, and preparation, so that we’re less likely to find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option than to use our firearm, rather than more likely.

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